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 No more embarrassing moments!


Being a woman…

Most of us would not trade being a woman for being a man. The only thing most would like to change is the menstruation time of the month.

With this wonderful product it’s a breeze. You stay drier and no risk of bacterial infections as you are continually being aerated in the area. This adds to comfort but also to health.

Teenager girls, once they reach puberty, rely on their Mums to teach them what to do and what to use. The also rely on you to keep them safe, so it is important you educate them about the dangers of using tampons.

The Anion pads hold much more than the supermarket brands and therefore a young woman can be confident they are not going to leak which leads to embarrassing moments!

Most mature women lose about 50mls a day from standing up, running, working out, laughing, coughing or sneezing. These pads are so absorbent they can cope with double that amount. The secret is the layers!





Anion Product

Other Brands

Layer 1

Soft and comfortable cotton surface with twice the absorption strength

Surface of artificial fibre or rough surface of soft cotton.

Layer 2

Anionic tape of world advanced standard and granted with national patent, can effectively get rid of the cause of female genital inflammation: anaerobic bacteria.

No such anionic tape or are using medicated tape not recommended by experts.

Layers 3 and 5

Dust-free paper after strict sterilization is used for 360-degree wrapping of the absorbent agent.

Paper pulp from recycled items with high level of chemical bleach is used as filling material, or chemical fibre materials are used.  How dreadful it is for the sensitive skin to come into close contact with such kind of materials!

Layer 4

Adequate absorbent agents, which are colourless.

Low quantity of absorbent materials.

Layer 6

A base film which is permeable to air but not water.

Plastic film that is not air permeable.

Layer 7

Adhesive base layer used for food products.

Adhesive base layer using industrial strength glue.



The many advantages…

  • Comfort – Anion pads have a soft cotton layer close to the skin so no irritation. Compare the traditional chemical fibre surface of regular pads. It is usually nylon.  
  • Air Permeability – The base of Anion pads is permeable to air but not to water, thus enhancing hygiene. Most pads have a plastic base, which does not allow for air to circulate making a breeding ground for bacteria. Anion pads leave no room for bacterial infections to flourish or gynaecological diseases.
  • Water Absorbability The Anion pads can absorb twice the amount of fluid as a traditional pad. Crystal-like particles hold the fluid in, so no side leaking or back flow.
  • Health Protection – Anion sanitary Pad has an anion strip inside the cotton lining. This strip emits a high density of negative ions when used. During the process of ion neutralisation, the released oxygen suppresses major sources of gynaecological diseases. The generation of anaerobes decreases the odds of gynaecological problems and the whole process is chemical free!

 The wonderful Anion Strip

The major difference with the Anion pads is the anion strip within the pads. This strip keeps bacteria at bay so no odours can develop. It actually kills bacteria within 60 seconds.   It also sends oxygen into the reproductive area of the woman.  

Men are using them in their shoes to ward off smelly feet, to relieve back pain, to releive prostate ailments, or to give them extra enery. Others are placing the strip (without the pad) in their water bottles to oxygenate their water for health.

The Anion strip is patented so this product will remain unique for many years to come.