TLC - Thin Lunar Comfort

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How much money are you wasting every month on pads that don't give you the protection or added benefits that you deserve?


Try something different, and stop having a bad pad experience. Do something different, and start getting better results. You can feel better the easy way. Our pads provide Natural PMS and Menopause relief. Designed for you to support you every month without fail.


Imagine having a period without the worry or fear of leaking during the day or night, or having to carry around a handbag full of sanitary products. Reduce your product consumption, and improve your sense of peace and wellbeing.


Introducing the Thin Luna Comfort (TLC) Pad, Le Joste's own range of Anion (Negative Ion) 24/7 sanitary pads. Thinner than a 20c piece, more absorbent than a night pad. Abundant with Negative Ions that support increases in energy, and elevation of mood.

They are scientifically proven to kill 99% of bacteria within 60 seconds, balance hormones, and oxygenate your body’s system.

Women all around the world use this specialized range of therapeutic pads to assist in managing a range of menstrual, hormonal, and physiological issues, and to every month have the positive pad experience that you deserve.


This Bulk Pack contains 100 Pads, which will last you most of the year, and in some cases, the whole year. These pads also function better than a night pad. These pads will save you money and headaches, and improve your vaginal health. This pack is a great gift idea for Baby Showers as TLC pads are better than maternity pads. Give new mums a positive post-natal experience.


All supermarket and chemist sanitary products lack additional therapeutic benefits. The TLC pad gives you super absorbency while maintaining a thin and discreet profile with the added scientific benefits of the Anion strip (negative ions) which produce measurable biochemical reactions in your body; such as reduced stress levels, increased serotonin, feeling of positive mood, reduction in feelings of lethargy and depression. Negative ions increase oxygen flow, which helps you feel more alert and energized. Negative ions also affect your circadian rhythms, which helps to produce a more beneficial and restful sleep. Negative ions are also anti-bacterial and attach to pathogens that cause wellness issues. Negative ions are more easily absorbed through the skin and breath. The Ionic strip works for up to 8 hours, and also kills nasty odors.


The TLC Pads cannot be compared with supermarket or chemist brands, as they are superior in every way. YOU have never had the opportunity for a positive pad experience, until now.


With its unique dry-wick technology, the TLC pad reduces your need to regularly change the pad throughout the day. Even on your heaviest days, even when you’re hot and sweaty, this pad keeps you feeling dry and clean all day, without any smell or leaking. You can effectively reduce your sanitary product consumption by two-thirds or more, which is a profound and positive contribution to the environment. The TLC Pad reduces the hassle or burden on women in managing this issue every month.

So what are Anions?  

There are two types of ions – positive and negative.  Positive ions are atoms that have lost one or more electrons due to a high energy impact.  Natural forces that generate positive ions include the decay of radioactive minerals, radon gas, forest fires, lightning and ultraviolet rays.

 Anions (or negative ions) are atoms or molecules having more electrons than protons and giving off what is known as a negative charge.  In nature, negative ions are created with air molecules broken apart from sunlight, radiation, and moving air or water.  Negative ions can be found in forests, near the ocean, and surrounding waterfalls.  They have also been known to help relieve stress, alleviate depression and boost energy. 

 Positive ions are considered harmful to the human body, while negative ions are considered beneficial. 

Anions in the air are like vitamins in food … they greatly benefit people’s well-being and everyday routine.  Anions have been shown to help maintain and balance life.  They have a strong ability to absorb micro particles in the air and to remove dust.  When Anions aren’t accessible to us, our body chemistry can change – which could lead to fatigue and more pressure on our immune system.  

Years of research by scientists went in to the creation of the Anion Sanitary Napkins and its patented Anion strip.  The Anion strip is activated by moisture or friction from wearing the pads.  The strip then emits the Anions into the air – releasing between 5800-6000 anions per centimeter which effectively helps to inhibit the survival and grown of bacteria and viruses.  This helps women by suppressing the survival and multiplication of bacteria, eliminating odor and promoting comfort during menstruation. 

For overall health, negative ions or Anions can help rejuvenate and revitalize all the body’s systems and cells, thereby promoting a stronger, overall foundation towards better health.