The following testimonials are wonderful examples of how the Anion pads and liners are helping people with various health issues and bodily complaints.  If you desire, you can make contact the people below to confirm their testimonial.  Please phone or contact us for the testimonials phone number.

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Cliff - For several years he suffered from mild incontinence problems caused by slightly enlarged prostate. He placed a day time pad in his undies and the embarrassment of leaking urine decreased dramatically. He continues to use them daily and nightly for relief. No longer feeling embarrassed.

Also after hearing about the Anion strip relieving toothache, he tried it and sure enough it worked.

Nicky recently had a bout of 'Vaginal Thrush'. “Having suffered with this on and off for months, I thought about using a pad at night to try and stop the infuriating itch. Sure enough come morning I was itch-free!! I continued to use a fresh pad during the next day, and low and behold, no more Thrush. What a relief!!” 

Also Nicky woke up with very sore elbow joint pain after helping her husband do some garden work the day before. “I wrapped a liner pad around my elbow. Within 2 hours I noticed the pain had subsided.”

Peter - Many years of back aches due to metal rods inserted in his back left Peter suffering terribly. After placing a liner (now renamed shoe liners) in each shoe he noticed his back pain was gone. He continues to place one in his shoes each day for wonderful relief.
Peter places an Anion strip in his water bottle to ‘oxygenate’ the water and it tastes softer.

Danette lost the back of an earring so was using a cheaper metal back. This made her ear itchy and sore. Her ear soon started to throb and weep. She placed a pad between her ear and pillow and the throbbing stopped immediately and the weeping stopped.

Jim’s 5 year old daughter had a urinary tract infection. She was prescribed antibiotics, but instead Jim placed a pad in his daughter’s undies overnight and by the morning, the infection had gone.

Heather -“The first time I used a liner was after my levels of stress had shot my previously low thyroid function into overdrive. The bodily inner panic was impossible to ignore, and I couldn't turn it off to stay calm enough to function.  With nothing to lose but the side effects of being too distressed, I thought - 'why not?'  After about an hour of wearing it the first time, my heart stopped racing; the inner panic had diminished to where I could just get on with it. I then noticed that on the days I wore it - I was visiting the loo a lot more than usual.  Having needed fluid tablets to pee since I had congestive heart failure after a bout of viral cardiomyopathy over ten years ago, I was VERY impressed to discovered I was peeing a lot more - far more often and in greater amounts during the day I wore them. This may not sound a big deal, but after all this time needing medication to regulate what should be naturally happening it is a major breakthrough.”

Rod “I have suffered from arthritis in both knees for some years. The pain was very bad and I found it quite difficult to walk for a long time.  I put liners with the Anion pads towards my knees for three days. The pain in my knees has decreased significantly so much so that I have little or no pain. Now I can walk freely again without the pain.”

Rod also tied a pad to my friend's dog's leg. “He was suffering arthritis as well and could not put his leg down to walk so he hobbled. After a couple of days we noticed a difference. He is now walking better.”

Judy has suffered for years from several ailments including no feeling in her feet. Since using the Anion pads she is regaining feeling in her feet. She also has an incontinence problem. Since wearing a pad to bed this has eased considerably. In fact, some nights she doesn’t even wake and is dry in the morning.

Judy’s Sister-in-law is a diabetic and her intestines have calcified so she is in a lot of pain a lot of the time. After using the liners for a short time she is able to touch her stomach without pain. How amazing is that?

Les sprained his ankle. He was wearing an elastic bandage for support, but it was quite painful to walk. He placed a liner between the bandage and his ankle and the pain went away.

Amy - "For the last few months, whenever I've had my period I've been quite sick, to the point where I've been in bed for days at a time. On top of this, when I get sick my anxiety gets quite severe, which keeps me sick for a longer period of time as the physical body tries to deal with the emotional side. Last month I used the Love Moon Anion Pads for the first time. I cannot begin to explain the change I felt in my body! I'm not saying I didn't get sick, because I did, but instead of it lasting for 3-5 days with severe anxiety attacks in the middle of the night, keeping me awake and stressed out, I was sick for just under 24 hours. During this time I was calm and did not have any anxiety, I got better faster which meant that I was able to get to work, which I've been missing quite a lot of due to being ill. Please, I urge you, anyone with ANY kind of aliment...give them a go, because who'd have thought they'd have an effect on anxiety? I won't use anything else now!"

Steve has tennis elbow and carpel tunnel. He usually wakes in the night in pain but since putting a liner in his elastic bandage he is pain free and sleeps through the night. As Steve is a truck driver this is wonderful as he is not tired on the road now.

Maja - A friend's 18month old daughter had terrible nappy rash (cutting molars) so I gave her the night pads which she used during the day for 2 days and over night, the rash completely healed and wee girl is much happier!

“I have suffered from anal thrush off and on for a couple of years – I have not wanted to use prescribed creams from doctors.  I usually manage through diet, but when I am stressed it flares up.  During a recent episode I used the Anion pads and much to my delight it stopped the itching, within hours...”

Ann - “After listening to the benefits that other people were getting from wearing the liners for their negative ion effect, I thought I'd give them a try .. my hips had been aching for days.  I put them in my shoes and thought to myself (during the busy morning school run), that I would try to stay aware and notice when or if my hips got any better.  I took a few steps and thought, 'Actually, the edge has already been taken off the pain'.  It seemed too good to be true.  I keep wearing them in my shoes every day and the niggly pain is much less, although I don't have any illusions that the ion strip can change the structural nature of my hips and the strength of my pelvic floor, but they do help with pain relief.  I'm really looking forward to trying the pads when I have my period because the demonstration of their absorbency and dryness is amazing!”

Terry has a war woundto his shoulder from when he was in the armed forces decades ago. It gives him continual pain, but he has learned to live with it. It was suggested to him to put a liner (now renamed shoulder pad) on the affected area. Within a short time his pain had subsided considerably. He’s blown away – not literally!

Elke had a serious accident 6 months ago and had surgery to implant metal plates in her ankles. She has been in considerable ongoing pain ever since. Now she places a liner (renamed shoe liners) in her shoes every day and is pain free while she does this.

Susan tried the pads at her next menstrual time and discovered she was not as cranky in the lead up days to her period and also her flow was much less than usual. She and her family are thrilled.

Katie has suffered from severe cramping prior to and during her periods from the start – over 8 years ago. Since using the Anion pads during her period she has very few cramps and the ones she does have are very mild! She’s thrilled!


Claire -I stabbed myself the other day with very uncoordinated cutting of an avocado - a very sharp knife into my palm - the point went in at least 2cm. It was swollen, bruised and starting to get infected, I cut out a little square of the ion strip and put that on it with a bandaid. Within 24 hours the skin was healed, no more bruising or swelling - I was expecting pus and all sorts to be going on with it - you can't even see where the cut was now. 

Jane -I was very happy with the new pads   . . then run out whilst out and bought some supermarket ones.  It became a lot hotter/stickier and smellier experience - I am sold on the new keep you dry/don't leak ones.


Cathy – I justed wanted to say WOW and Thanks for getting me onto these new panty liners and pads, I put one of the ion strips in my mouth and for the first time in the last week and a half I haven’t had to take any pain killers for the anal  toothaches (which also extends to my jaw bone) that I am having while having dental procedures done. So guess what I’ll be doing from now on, cutting out the strips when any of my family or myself have any problems health wise instead of reaching for chemical pain relief.